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Welcome to the Cadillac forum!

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To begin with the post, I'm a car fan as a kid and my first 2 Cadillacs that I loved as a kid is the Allante and late 80's ElDorado model. Years later, I never thought that I will ever own a Caddy until the day I met an elderly lady that was selling her XLR model (2007) and "97" 2 door coupe Eldorado. Honestly, the moment I step into the ElDo, I never looked back. Smooth ride, excellent aero dynamic, quick steering wheel turn response and honestly, reliable. As a 13 year owner of this car, I never had any engine problem(Other than the basics such as removing transmission hose, new coolant resevoir, new radiator, power window switches, timing belt replacement,e.t.c.) and I will say this that the North Star engine are good engines, not the best, but good solid engines and treated me right thus far right now in time. I do plan on getting a new Caddy or a classic Pontiac Firebird in the near future, but I still love my Caddy and If possible, I wouldn't mind owning another Caddy into my personal collection.