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Community Manager

Welcome to our Buying & Selling forum!

Hello! This forum is for those of us who are ready to make a buy/sell decision. Will you regret selling now if the market is too soft? Is this the right time to buy? Let's learn together.

Pit Crew

My question is about Hagerty Valuation tool. Looking at 350/370Z Nissans and valuation tool says they are on a fairly steady increase in value in the past 7 months. It appears the tool only used 2 vehicle sales both on Mecum to validate their chart. If that is correct should one be careful to make an assumption that these model values have increased that sharply in the real world in the past 7 months? When you go to Ebay and chart the actual sale price of the same model vehicle the numbers are substantially lower.

Advanced Driver

@Jasonsrq Good morning, I am the associate editor of the Hagerty Price Guide and can offer some perspective. We do not look solely at auction results to calculate a market range as that is only a small picture of the overall market. We review for sale listings, online auctions (bring a trailer, Cars & Bids, eBay, etc.) on top of traditional auctions to determine our values.


With that said, the 350Z has only recently experienced a modest gain in our guide and the Mecum sales mentioned that I located are not recent enough to have effected our market analysis for the last update which went live on May 1st. Keep in mind that the biggest increase was to the top of the market and we consider #1 cars to be those that are still new in the wrapper with no miles, the average enthusiast does not own a #1 car, heck the average enthusiast doesn't own a #2 grade car by our standards, which is essentially a car that was taken out of the wrapper but still is hardly used.


Hope this helps, if you have follow up questions, or would like further clarification, please let me know.

New Driver

Hi Sajeev,

I am brand new to this type of forum.  An old soul like many of these fantastic vehicles and this technology is quite confusing to me.

Would you please guide me in listing my vehicle for sale?

Thank you

Community Manager

Hello @buickbill listing your vehicle is easy, please take a look at the photo below.  Just hit the blue "Start a Post" button and you can post your vehicle's information, photos (always a good idea) and people will be able to respond back to you!  Tell me if that helps! 


Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 9.33.49 AM.png

New Driver

Hi!  I am wondering if now is the right time to sell my 2000 Honda s2000.  One owner, me, and only 15,000 miles.  Excellent condition, metallic gray with black interior.  Any tips??  What's it worth?



Community Manager

Hi Corky, yes this is a good time to sell.  But keep in mind that prices are going up, so perhaps the longer you wait the more $$$ you shall make?  Have a look at these three links, they will help, especially the first one: