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The Official Conversion Chart

Ran across this old screen-shot I’d forgotten about. Many may have already seen it and here’s hoping it’s not a repost. Regardless, while (hopefully) it may bring a little chuckle, in my experience it’s not THAT inaccurate. 


Community Manager

I haven't seen this before, but it is spot on!  My new "tell" for antique car ads is for the digital age: when someone uploads a digital photo of a print photo, you just know its about 100 times worse in real life. Mostly because print photos are gonna be 10+ years old at this point.  


I love it, man. Somewhere on the internet is a way to get the name of your up and coming metal band that uses the initials for your first and last name. Different subject altogether, but equally hilarious as all of the stereotypical "metal" band themes are there.