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Pit Crew

Selling 1987 Porsche Carerra Cabriolet

Selling my Porsche. Suggestions on the best marketing approach..?


I have heard auctions are the best bet to maximize sale value. Live in Denver and not sure if any of the auctions would be appropriate for the car.


Has 95K miles and runs beautifully. New clutch at 68K.


911 Carerra Cab 1.jpg911 Carerra Cab 2.jpg911 Carerra Cab 3.jpg911 Carerra Cab 4.jpg911 Carerra Cab 5.jpg911 Carerra Cab 6.jpg911 Carerra Cab 7.jpg911 Carerra Cab 8.jpg

Feedback appreciated.



Community Manager

Nice Porsche! A car like that will do well if you sell it online, but I would avoid the auctions because you will probably get nit picked to death (aftermarket steering wheel, aftermarket stereo, later model wheels, etc.) and, with auction fees in mind, I'd recommend selling it here:


The Radwood crowd will eat that up, and FB doesn't charge you a dime!  It's worth a shot. 

Pit Crew

Hi Bryan,


Have your heard of Cars and Bids? Like


I would reach out to them and inquire if they would accept your vehicle for auction. I recall their business model is a transaction fee that is charged to both buyer and seller at an amount of anywhere between 4-5% of the transaction with a limit imposed at $4,500. However the reviews I'm seeing from other sellers is the process took them about 1 month to prepare the listing for auction.


I will admit, I look through their platform all the time. Here and there I have made a few bids realizing the purchase was at or near Level 1 and 2 values sight unseen. There's just something about auctions that make a product much more desirable.


I think auctions are fun because it's not only a purchase it really brings on a competition. I try not to buy my cars from auctions for that matter, but I would probably bid farewell to my cars in that manner ... if ever