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Looking to sell a 1974 740iL Silver - 2 owner mostly AZ vehicle

Two owner 1974 Mercedes-Benz 450SL convertible (model R107) in excellent shape. Garaged in Arizona for most of its life. Only serious buyers wanted so do your research and ask questions for clarification. The car is stored in garage and not available for drop by looky-loo's.  

Paint (silver) is in excellent condition as is the body. Can only see one minor dimple in hood if looking very close. 

This car was bought by step father (second owner) with the intent of chrome plating wheels, adding seatbelts and repairing all functions for wife to use as a weekend driver. He got a bit distracted and spent more time on restoring and showing 1950's and 1960's Ford Thunderbirds, some he later sold at Barrett-Jackson Auctions in Scottsdale.  

Hagerty Vehicle Valuation Report lists values of vehicles of this year as follows:

Fair Condition: $5,000
Good Condition: $11,900
Excellent Condition: $21,000
Concours Condition: $37,100

I would describe the condition as between Good and Excellent; in it's current condition it would not be considered local show ready but with some attention to detail and few additional repairs it could be shown.  

The chrome trim / bumpers appear to be complete with minimal pitting. Dash is excellent with no apparent cracks or discoloration.  

The Mercedes-Benz 450SL 2-door roadster was manufactured for about 8 years with first model of the R107 carrying the 1972 model year and the nameplate of 350SL although it actually was first SL with 4.5L V-8 from what I understand. 740SL nameplate R107 roadsters continued until 1980.  

Upgrades & recent work include:  
Chrome Mercedes SL wheels (see pictures)
Purchased seatbelt kit; install not complete
New interior and trunk carpeting

Left to do:
Fix transmission leak; probably hose issue
Install a radio
Reinstall some center console buttonsComplete seat belt installation

Complete seat belt installation

74MBZ740SL - Config Card_j.jpg74MBZ740SL - Front_j.jpg74MBZ740SL - Rear R Corner_j.jpg74MBZ740SL - Rear_j.jpg74MBZ740SL - SN Tag_j.jpg

74MBZ740SL - Steering Wheel_j.jpg

74MBZ740SL - Wheel RR_j.jpg