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Pit Crew

Determining a value for a project car

I was wondering what your thoughts were on how to come up with a value for a project car. It's fine for those who have vehicles that are all together, but what about those of us with "special cases".


What would seem logical would be to take the Hagerty Valuation tool's "Current Value" - and probably use the #2 Excellent value and deduct what would be an estimated cost of a reasonably competent restoration (understanding that that would be tied to the model involved).


So, if one has an old race-car chassis and the Tool says that this particular model in #2 shape is worth $196,000. And a typical restoration for this model runs about $120,000 (understanding that there are many, many variables), would that make pricing the chassis at $76,000 seem reasonable? More importantly, do you think it would sell using that calculus?



Community Manager

That's a very logical path you went down, and its believable if the race car doesn't need a ton of body/chassis/roll cage work to be road or track legal.  If it has a solid body a beautiful, professional cage and every factory correct part is clearly labeled/bagged, your price isn't out of the question. If it needs metal work and a lot of digging for unobtainum replacement parts, the price will likely go down from there. 


Out of curiosity, what type of race car is this? 

Pit Crew

Hi Sajeev,


This is a 66 Shelby GT350 that had been an SCCA BP racer. The cage has been removed as has the drivetrain (but that is with the car). The car needs an interior - as in there wasn't one when I got it and the body is actually pretty straight. Sadly it has become more of a storage container. My thoughts on the restoration project come from the high availability and quality of Mustang parts available - but I understand that attempting to raise this to concours would involve taking it to a whole 'nother level - that's why I chose the #2 Value as a base of estimating.



Community Manager

Good info and thank you for sharing, James.  I reckon that unless someone famous drove it in SCCA racing (i.e. it wasn't just some dude with a fair bit of money) that it might be worth a little less than #2 for a street car...only because there's usually a smaller market for race cars than street cars.  How much less is probably 10 grand or less, but let me ping some more Hagerty folks to see if they have more insight. 


Valuing a project car is too nuanced to put up an exact figure. Things such as retaining the original driveline would be a major factor in value now as well as when a restoration is finished. I think that will also greatly affect salibility. If you're serious about selling, I would recommend putting together a comprehensive list of original parts and chat with a Shelby expert as they will have the best idea of what a car in its current state would be.

Pit Crew


I totally agree with you that the actual value is determined by many, many moving parts (pun intended) such as what parts are original and such. This was just an exploratory look at the possibility. If you looked at the picture of the car, it is obvious that I need to dig the damn thing out first to research what you suggest. I have owned this car since 1972 and I was trying to get a "ballpark" feel for how to go about valuing it.

Thanks for the thoughts.


Pit Crew

My guess is that this would go back to a street machine due to the value component, but then again, it would be up to a potential buyer to decide it's use.