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Corvair Spyder turbocharged engine for sale

One of our members wishes to sell a very rare engine, here are the details: 

Hi, I'm a severely disabled vet and I need help selling my Corvair motor, its a spider turbo and I've been told by many Corvair ppl its a very hard motor to find. I was told they are one of the best motors for air boats and some small planes.

So can you help me and call me (Carl) at
814-777-7525 , Im located in Central FL


Our resident Corvair guru, @Kyle, is here to explain the relevance and value of this motor: 


The Spyder* was the top trim level for the early model Corvair (1960-64). It was mainly a performance package, with the main focal point being the turbocharger perched on the passenger side of the engine compartment. The first Spyders were 1962 models, and the package continued to 1964. The complete redesign to the second-generation cars in 1965 changed the top trim to Corsa rather than Spyder.

The engines themselves are just 8:1 compression, and interestingly have non blow off valve or wastegate. The main restriction from overboosting the engine is the Carter YH sidedraft carb. The factory rated the turbocharged engines at 150 horsepower in the early model cars, but the late model Corvairs were rated at 180hp thanks to a displacement bump (145ci vs 164ci) and also a slightly larger turbo. The driving characteristics are a bit underwhelming to most, as the engine typically does not build boost until the middle to top of third gear, making it more of a highway on ramp boost rather than a stoplight-to-stoplight power increase.

*FYI, the correct designation as per Chevrolet literature is Spyder

New Driver

Im  curious  as to condition  and  how complete this engine is

New Driver

Hello, is the engine still available? Thank you.



A complete working engine is rare outside as car. This would be a good find for someone with a Spyder or Corsa in search of a cool engine for their car. 


While they are not the mega power Turbo engines like today they do make a Corvair more fun to drive and can add to the value.