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New Driver

64 Thunderbird 2 door convertible! ORIGINAL interior + top engine! CHERRY

Tbird1.jpgTbird2.jpgTbird3.jpgThis is my girl  "Cherry". !964 Thunderbird 2 door convertible 390 Z model. RED (oh yeah baby). She's got her original interior, engine and top. She's been in my life more than 20 years. When I left the husband it was she and I and a suitcase. She NEVER complained ONCE about letting me crash on her couch. She even has an air package but who needs that if you're going fast enough with the top down.  She never got jealous of my daily driver or wintering alone in the shop. Now that I work too much as a behavioral therapist for kiddos with autism she's been complaining. Sometimes I sit in the backseat and ice my injuries with a wine pack....errrr ice pack. She's tired of hearing me cry every night working through the ENTIRE pandemic at high risk and has suggested I go back to school to get my masters degree. She says she wants to leave me for someone who spends more time with her.  She's been an amazing friend and she never told on me for driving topless through the wheat fields of Wa. state on a golden sunny day. I would get in SO much trouble if ANYONE ever heard about that. What?! It was 20 years ago when we first know how that goes. If you have any questions or desire more photos she'll be taking questions and interviewing potential future partners.