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   Elsewhere in the Community Forum someone asked for pictures of member's Pontiacs, and posted his cool Firebird cutting a turn to kick it off.  I posted my car.  And waited.  And then I posted a friend's car, just 'cause I felt sorry for the 2 lonesome photos that had been posted.  I've decided that maybe the request just started out too ambitious - too big.

   So now I'm coming to the group and saying "post a photo of your Buick - Pontiac - Oldsmobile EMBLEM or SCRIPT here".  Just to get it started.  Later, maybe we'll move on to other "show 'n' tells", like wheels, grills, dashboards, shiftknobs, horn buttons, engines, etc., until we work our way up to "entire cars".  😋


DSCN2348 (2).JPG


   Anyone out there who ever rearranged these letters to spell "ANTICOP"?  Just curious.  I didn't think it'd be a great idea - might invite some extra scrutiny, or even just a pullover to chew me out.  Besides, I'm a great admirer and support of the girls and boys in Blue, so I wouldn't want to send the wrong message.

   And finally, it would require drilling different holes, precluding moving them back without extensive work after it was no longer seen as a "joke"... 🤔