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Community Manager

Neoclassics, anyone?


My poppa had a 74 Monte Carlo so the source material holds a funny place in our family collective memory (not necessarily a fondly-appreciated thing to all).


This isn't the worst conversion I have seen. It is let down by the vinyl roof treatment, rear fender trim and dull finish.


I agree with the barn-finds poster that said it should have used a more-subtle Lincoln grill. The bumpers should be thinner too. I wonder if going more Avanti with the front would have been a cooler custom (though not neo-classical I suppose).


While I would rather not have this car, it could be fun.

Community Manager

Agreed, the Monte Carlo lent itself to the Neoclassic style pretty easily.  The Lincoln grille would be too obvious on a car that sized, it's fine to have a Lincoln grille on a Clinet Roadster, as you wouldn't spot it on such a not-personal luxury coupe body right away. 


My Aunt had a rootbeer brown '77, had a tan interior and a tan landau top if memory serves me correctly. I always kind of liked the mid 70s Monte. Can't say I'm too fond of the custom, but to each their own.

New Driver

I kinda like it.