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New Driver

Identify my Hood Ornament


Pit Crew

Pretty sure this is from a Monarch Richelieu. We have Ford Canada to thank for that sweet car. Note the maple leaves on the emblem. I can't confirm the year of your ornament, but it's likely from a Fifties Richelieu. Check out this 1956 Monarch Richelieu.


New Driver

That is an exact match. 
can your tell me the value?


Heres the story on it. My cousin owned the vehicle in the early 60’s and m brother bought it from him. Took the motor and put it into his 64 Fairlane. The hood ornament was in my dads workshop at our farm and I bought it at the auction when he passed away. I could have pilfered it but all the proceeds from

the auction went toward my mom’s retirement. 🥰

Community Manager

Value will be difficult to know, because people aren't restoring Monarchs in the same numbers as more mainstream cars from the 1950s.  Like most things in the classic car market, it is only worth what someone will pay for it. I know that's a cop out of a reply, but you aren't gonna find historical data on something like this.  I have seen ebay auctions for hood ornaments for rare cars that I like (Diamond Jubilee Lincoln Continentals) and it's AMAZING to see what people will pay for them, so I recommend putting it on ebay with a high reserve and waiting for the right buyer/offer to come up. 


I live in the middle of Ontario, Canada.


The select few that love the Monarchs, Meteors, Fargo trucks and such are mostly restoration purists. These cars are not popular, but the fanbase is deeply passionate (cool car + patriotic wrapped in one, some like the oddballness,  usually family tie as well).


When people go to sell a nice one of these cars they seem to price them the same as the most desirable similar car. Doesn't matter if it isn't quite an equal comparison so a base model 55 Meteor will have the asking price of a top of the line Ford Crown Vic. Not sure if these sellers get their coin, but almost always the ask is high.


You can probably post your driver-quality hood ornament at least at the price of a quality reproduction of 50s hood ornament which seems to be in the $70-150USD range. You could also post it at $500USD and like a patient fisherman wait for the one "gotta have it" person to come along. Since they don't make these... somebody in theory will eventually have to have it. Just make sure you post it on some Canadian sites (i.e., Kijiji) and/or look into some of the Facebook groups centered around Monarchs.