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Eagle Summit

The first car I ever bought brand new was an odd but brand new car from a new company, an Eagle Summit DL. It was 1989 and I was a young man walking up Hill Street in Oceanside, California when I spotted it White with Grey seats and Midnight Blue carpeting. Four doors so not sexy at all.


Fast forward to late last year, and I am going through Facebook Marketplace when I am thinking about that experience, and low and behold I found one for sale.


It had a story, the original owner a Californian bought the car new and in 1991 he passed away and the car sat in the family garage until it was purchased by a Nevada man in 2018. He replaced the spark plugs and wires, and slightly overfilled it with oil, he didn’t drive it much so no damage done there the engine and the interior is pretty clean and matches the cars 41,601 miles.


I realize it’s not a Vette, or a muscle car, but it does connect me to the first car I ever bought brand new. The original is long gone but its reminder now sits under my two car, carport.

Community Manager

This is an absolutely amazing story! As a fan of oddball cars myself (my last oddball was a 1989 Lincoln Continental) I am both excited to read this and thankful that you shared it with us! 


You might like checking out this PDF brochure: 


I would like to hear more about it as well. 


Apparently a lot of Summits are getting a second act as turbocharged monsters with Mitsubishi Evo hardware...

Community Manager

@Eagle-Summit please check your private messages, as we'd love to dig deeper into your Eagle Summit story!  Or you can email me at