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Barn Find and restoration of a 1965 Pontiac Catalina 2+2 421 Convertible

I thought would share the restoration of one of my cars. A 1965 Pontiac Catalina 2 + 2 421 convertible. I found the car as a rusty project sitting in MN. Over the next 4 years I had it restored and brought back to life. But restoring was not always easy as i was living in Switzerland when I bought the car, then moved back tot he UK and now living in Denmark, so managing a restoration project from thousands of miles away is not always the easiest thing...but we managed to do it. 

It is a very special car as we believe it is the only 2 + 2 convertible in the colour 'Samoan Bronze'. The car was ordered new by a GM exec with many options, including the special colour (a 65 Cadillac colour). We found the original paint under the windscreen chrome, so we were able to colour match exactly.
It was first shown at the Ames Pontiac Performance show in Norwalk, OH in 2019, I was hoping to drive it last year but due to the global pandemic and travel restrictions, it is sitting in my storage unit in CA.
Hope you like the car
1965 Pontiac Catalina.jpg 

Community Manager

Absolutely stunning!  I love the car and the restoration is simply wonderful!  Thank you so much for sharing. 


Wow, that turned out really great - beautiful car!

New Driver

Great color, special car! Awesome work!

I owned a 65 2+2 in the mid 1980’s, it was a 4 barrel 4 speed coupe in Fontaine blue with a midnight blue interior. Believe it or not- it had power windows! I still have the vin from my old 65 2+2..

always wondered where it is now,

maybe it can be traced? 

65 was the Year of the Quick wide tracks!

Enjoy your 65 Pontiac, has one of my favorite dashboards!

New Driver

What a beauty!