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I thought I would post a couple of photos of my 1964 Pontiac Catalina Ventura, a 4 speed manual 421 car that was customized in the late 60's by the second owner.

This car had a bench seat with the 421 and manual 4 speed, the original color was Marimba red. The mileage is 49,261 and we think this is original as the car was only taken to shows in the late 60's and taken off the road in 1970 where the paint was stripped and the car covered in a thick layer of grease and stored in a barn since until 2016. 
The car was painted lavender and Kandy purple with the blue/black lace. It was painted by Jon Kosmoski (House of Kolor) in 1967/68, Jon remembers the car and said it was his second lace paint job. Craig Anderson Jr did the pinstriping the same year.
Sadly the hood paint is all that remains of the original paint, but I do have a spare hood, so I'll keep the original hood as reference (wall art maybe). The car is being restored back to this late 60's color scheme as you don’t see custom cars like this any more.
The current has the 421 rebuilt motor back in the car, the body has just gone on the frame, so we are seeing a little light at the end of the tunnel in this project.

Hope you like it.

IMG_1969.JPGIMG_1239.JPGIMG_3463.JPGIMG_3308.JPGMy Pontiac 9.pngMy pontiac 4.jpgMy pontiac 06.jpgShowcard.jpg1970-10.jpgIMG_1456.JPG038.JPG_MG_5450.JPGIMG_1629.JPGIMG_1630.JPGIMG_0102.JPGIMG_0120.JPGIMG_0115.JPG
To read the whole story, use the link below to my H.A.M.B. page and follow the ongoing restoration of the car. 

Community Manager

That's beautiful.  I have a soft spot for period customs like this. 


   Not only do I like it - I like it a LOT!  I was never really a fan of the lace paint period, but I do respect what it took to produce one of those show-worthy jobs.  I had a friend who worked at a shop that did custom paint jobs like that.  The boss let him and a few friends come in and use the shop after hours to work on our own cars, just for the cost of consumables we used.  He had a '63 Chevy II that we did a panel paint scheme on, with just a little bit of lace in some of the smaller panels.  I saw first-hand the work involved, and that the probability of success vs. screw-up wasn't really in his favor.

   On this Catalina, aside from the paint itself (which really isn't even there anymore), I'm like Sajeev, and I really can appreciate the "show car" era from that period, as I was a teen and attending shows and buying car mags that featured photo spreads of cars that I'd never see in person.  Those were the "ooh and aah" vehicles of my youth (alongside wicked drag cars - which themselves often also wore show-paint livery to rival the customs).

   And of course finally, since I'm a Pontiac owner, I've got to show a little love for all-things Poncho!  😍