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New Driver

1986 Jag XJS for sale

My step dad would spend the morning polishing his precious Jag to take me out to dinner and show. He passed years ago and I need to sell his baby. Been stored in the garage since 2016. 12 cyl fully optioned, everything on it is like new, even smells new. Less than 40,000 miles. Some sort of engine trouble/fueling issues at one time, then distributor issues. Does not run and will need to be towed. Any interest, or ideas on how best to post for sale? In Walnut Creek, CA ph 360-202-3232 20210810_135740.jpgJag Interior.jpgJag Odometer.jpg

Community Manager

Thank you for sharing this and best of luck with the sale.  Since the Jaguar needs some help before it can run, I'd recommend reaching out to Jaguar clubs in California (you can find them here: and see if a true enthusiast might be interested in paying a fair price for a non-runner and give it a good home. If that doesn't work, you'll have to make a post on Facebook Marketplace and find a local tinkerer interested in taking on this as a project. You'll have to weed out all the tire kickers but it will probably be worth it.