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Hagerty Employee

This sound like a failed alternator??

Hi all, 


My 1995 Porsche 911 broke down last weekend. It was running fine and then stuttered a few times like the ignition cut out. 


It went away, came back, and eventually the car just died. Most of the electrical system still worked, but the car would not crank. 


I used my Hagerty Drivers Club roadside benefit (thank goodness) to flatbed to a friend's house. We jumped it, got it running, and then checked the voltage at the battery with the engine at 3000 rpm. 


The voltage did not rise with engine rpm, so I'm pretty sure the alternator is bad. Is there anything else I should be concerned about?




Community Manager

Sorry to hear this happened! The alternator is likely the issue, but almost every vehicle (including 993s) have a voltage regulator that keeps output from rising with engine RPM.  Most cars need 13.8-14.5 volts at idle to be considered healthy.  Readings of14.7 or more is generally considered overcharging, and sometimes the easiest way to test is by plugging a cigarette lighter voltmeter (below) 


But, for now, you probably need the alternator removed, tested and replaced. If the battery was alway a little old/weak you likely need a new one of those too. 


Community Manager

And we definitely have the same bad luck with alternators. This was me last week, thanks to a junky Autozone alternator...but the Hagerty Driver's Club saved the day!