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Suspension set up

I would really like Jason Cammisa or one of the other experts to talk about street car suspension set-up.  I recently purchased a 2005 BMW 330Ci, which I am restoring/ updating for more spirited driving and BMW DE's.  I would like some expert advice on what to do to improve the handling of this car to make it a little more neutral/ less abusive of its front tires when using it at the track or an autocross.  Thanks!  Doug

Advanced Driver

Well, that seems to be a $64,000 question, but I’d be interested in reading that response too for my car. A lot of variables I think....what’s the track to street driving ratio, are you using R compounds for track and HPS off-track, and in what size(s).  Car type, suspension type, and tolerance level for harsher-than-stock ride combined with the state of local roads.

I struggle with the effects of slightly more aggressive negative camber on directional tires too. Subscribed. 



Former E46 track rat and SCCA autocrosser here. The easiest and simplest choice is to swap out to the full Spec E46 suspension kit:


along with a square tire setup in 255/40/17. 


If you do this, however, you will depart the stock/street autocross classes with the proverbial quickness. How concerned are you about being competitive, autocross-wise?

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Out of Street-Prepared too?


Oh no, you're fine for SP, but you won't be Nationals competitive, not with road course valving.  Locally you should be fine.


Doing a little research on this, I'm surprised how many people are driving the Spec E46 suspension on the street. Supposedly it's alright, particularly with a little ride height dialed in.