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Pit Crew

Previous owners of a 1967 Mustang convertible

Hi all,


By way of introduction: I'm austrian, living in Switzerland and spent also some time in the US many years ago.


End of 2019 I bought a V6-Mustang of 1967 from a UK guy and had it shipped from Spain to Switzerland. Paid way too much money for it as I got fooled by some nice pictures. Anyway, spent even more money to restore (respectively repair) it and it is now back on the streets and at least runs...


I thought it would be nice to have some more info on the actual history of the car, trying to put together a list of previous owners and approaching them to ask if they could share any pics of where the car was at that time. It was registered in at least three US states before it was shipped to Europe around 2017. I'd find it cool to have a few b&w pictures from the sixties with the happy first owners etc.


Any ideas how to best do this? Are there any public databases in the US where one could get such info with VIN numbers or the like? Or is the only way to get from owner to owner and hope they share the info about the previous one with you? 


Thanks all, Franz



Hagerty Employee

Depending on when the car left the States I may be able to help with locations where the car was titled in the US. I'm afraid it will not have owner information. If you want to send me the VIN at I would be happy to research what we have.

Pit Crew

thank you;  I got the a report from INSTAVIN when I bought it / it was registered in Minnesota, Florida and New York; this INSTAVIN-list only goes back to 2007 but shows no owners.


@avalancha - best of luck in tracking down some history on your car!


1. The vin # listed in one of the posts above should be edited out --not something to post for all eyes to see.


2. google Marti Auto Works  --they provide great info on certain decades of Fords (for a price).  Most Mustangs they can give you very detailed information so you will have the origin of your car's history to work from and are just connection the dots from original selling dealership through the chain of ownership.

Pit Crew

Thank you; will eventually try the way backwards from owner to owner 🙂


@Snailish  that is the best suggestion. Marti report will show the original selling dealership. Hopefully they are still in existance and can provide some help