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New Driver

I need help with a restoration


Hi, this is my first restoration. It's a Ford fairmont, I have an idea of the desing but I don't have experience. How can I modify de engine and Where can I Buy the accessories? 

Community Manager

This is a very complicated question, because restoring a car requires knowledge of mechanical parts, body and paint techniques and interior plastic/fabric restorations.  


For the engine, that appears to be Ford's 3.3L inline six.  You can learn about some options here: 


For the interior, since it's similar to the 1979-1986 Mustang you can look at this catalog to see some of what's available (you won't find everything interchanges, but a lot of it does interchange):


You can also use the same link above to see suspension and chassis improvements, I highly recommend subframe connectors so the chassis has less flex.