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I'm 13, I love cars, I don't have a garage nor any mechanical experience. What Do I do?

Well, my name is Sam and I'm 13. I've been in love with cars for the better half of a year and a half. My obsession began with Corvairs of all cars, and it's now graduated to early imports. However, I don't own a garage, and I've never worked on a car. What should I do?


I live in the suburbs, I got a classmate with a 71' Cutlass S, my school does for Junior and Senior year( i am now in highschool lol) a local exhaust shop (fabspeed) runs a monthly cars and coffee, and I may be able to get a job answering the phones a local shop but Im not sure.
Community Manager

Get your foot in the door somewhere, anywhere.  I can almost guarantee that you will get a job as a porter for a franchised car dealership's service department which will take you all over the service area and you can learn a lot.  It's not exactly the advice you've been given to learn how to work on cars, but you will get to work on them and learn eventually. 

New Driver

I also agree with the youtube/online views (netflix inclusive) angle, but be careful what you're watching. A lot of "car culture" stuff is a spitshined version of "what wheels should I put on this car" and calling that educational. Try to avoid anything owned or clearly sponsored by any of the Marques, and gravitate towards channels that actually fix vehicles and the intricacies of car culture itself. Especially how its different around the world. Car culture (to me) is a good mix of well rehearsed SOPs (The sheer mechanics of F1 balanced with innovation and quirkiness (Bush Mechanics).


I say go for it. The worst that can happen is they aren't needing help right now. If you hang out for the cars and coffee thing, the connections you make might be able to help you out. And if they like your attitude and willingness to learn, they might just hook you up with a job anyhow. It's worth it to hang out and ask questions. That's how I learned, and found help when I got in over my head as a youngster.