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Community Manager

Help us identify this race car!

Hagerty received a query from a nice gentleman that left us stumped.  What is this car?  Who made it?  Can YOU help identify this car? 


"My neighbor has this unusual built car he acquired years ago. Rumor is that it may be an old Ford concept car that was never destroyed. Others have said that it may be a early Ford prototype. The badges have been removed, and it sits on an early Ford frame. He’s getting up there in age, and not very computer savvy. I can get more details if needed. Thanks for your time. Everyone is a little stumped with this car..."




Might be something to the concept car or styling exercise. I’m leaning that way. Early post-war (46-54) styling if I’m allowed guessing. 
Things like the angle on that dash and it’s absolute but unneeded symmetry, the rear “scoops” presumably running to nowhere...or maybe they’re  aero head rests with a fuel cap impractically located right in the middle? And then there is the lack of access to the rear wheels and apparent lack of doors. To me it  suggests this wasn’t meant to be practical or functional.  And never intended for least in this form. It was just meant to look good. 

Community Manager

+1 for JimR


Just thinking out loud... are there any engine mounts remaining?
Something that might point to what powered it might be a clue to who made it. 

Intermediate Driver

It looks like any number of cars that raced at LeMans in the 40's and 50's. Very much like those that participated in the World Sportscar Championship and other endurance events. Could have been a copy of those types of cars or one that someone was building for such events. I'm with Jim on the  two humps at the rear of the cockpit that were definitely head rests ala Mercedes 300SLR.

The faired in rear wheel coverings look similar to something that Aston Martin used on the early DBR1, however those were removable spats. These look to be permanent, would have made changing tires very difficult.

There is a hole on the passenger side rocker area that certainly could have been for side exhaust.....

Going down the rabbit hole now..