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For those tight, hard-to-get-to fasteners

By now almost everyone who does any DIY wrenching knows what a ratcheting wrench is. And as far as I’m concerned, the guy who invented them will sit at the right hand of God someday. I love these things.  
But while the ratcheting wrench is well known, an accessory that goes with them might not be. I believe Gearwrench, Craftsman and some others offer a set of relatively inexpensive sockets designed to be used with the wrenches. You won’t be pulling them out of the toolbox real often, but when circumstances are right, they can sure save you from widening the vocabulary of any nearby children. Go ahead...ask me how I know. 
Below are two pics of a conventional 3/8  drive ratchet and 10mm socket; a conventional 1/4 drive ratchet and 10mm socket and finally a ratchet wrench with one of the above mentioned “accessory” 10mm sockets. Make note of the progressively smaller tool dimensions and especially the smaller/thinner profiles and I think you’ll understand what I’m talking about.  
Anyway, it just recently bailed me out on a tight bolt securing an intercooler duct and thought I’d post up...



Community Manager

Wow that is significantly slimmer, I can definitely see the benefit.  I need to get a set of those sockets (for my cheapo Harbor Freight ratcheting wrenches that have so far been great). 


Cool tip. I've never seen "stubby" sockets like this before (and I spend a bit of time digging through old tool piles  --love the vintage tools).


Look up "crow foot wrench" for another neat thing to help with hard-to-reach

Advanced Driver

Yep...those “crow foot” open ends have bailed me out a time two over the years as well. 👍