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Does anyone know where my '65 Shelby GT350 is?

Dear community members,


I had the good fortune to start out my car activities right out of high school purchasing a 1965 Shelby GT350.  As a young guy in the early 70's I immediately got into car clubs that afforded me the chance to learn autocrossing, showing cars, and understanding how to work on performance vehicles to have fun with.


The ownership lasted from 1973-1978 where I took a 50K mile car from reasonable driver to a car show winner in its original presentation.  The stories made with that car propelled me to always own a classic performance Ford.


Back in December of 2016 I was pleasantly surprised to see my very car appear in Mustang Monthly in an article entitled "Billion-To-One-Odds" where the owner claimed to have found the original engine for the car and replaced it.  While I disagree with the articles whole premise it was nice to see the car still survives in the immaculate condition I left it for the person I sold it to.


However, upon seeing the article I decided to do a little research to see if I could connect with the current owner to discuss the car.  Unfortunately I found out that the article was written some five years prior to publication, and in my discussions with SAAC found that the current owner is not associated with the organization.


If anyone knows the owner of 5S505 I would appreciate them informing the owner I would like to discuss my memories of the car.  I'm sure it lives a great life in a good collection of vehicles but it would be nice to reconnect with the old girl.Similar '65 ShelbySimilar '65 Shelby