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84 Anniversary edition build plan? feed back

Hi All We just picked up a fairly clean example for a father son project. Runs drives super clean body was off road for I believe 20 years in a garage. We would like to he  comments on our thoughts of our build. It is basically a survivor but our thoughts were.

go through suspension all soft goods and wear items = safety

complete tune up and diagnostics of drive train evaluation.


light body prep a respray and full cosmetic revamp to stay true to Originality stock look

then upgrade turbo system to the advances made in this side of the performance industry. Great build on HotRod Garage season 7 episode 79 with a turbo coupe build  

Then enjoy it for what it is. 

What are your thought on what we are thinking of doing to this Rare 80s Icon?



Do whatever makes you happy no matter what the rest of us may say.


If you think it may be flipped sooner than later (i.e., to seed the next project) then you may want to really define how much of a survivor the car actually is. Survivors can command strong prices in many cases including more than a restored example of some models. (and you aren't paying to respray --even DiY you have to buy the paint products, adds up for your recoup of investment).


If it is more valuable as a survivor, then only do what you need to do mechanically to make it safe an enjoyable. But remember the first point at the top too.

Community Manager

Are you talking about a Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe?  Or the 1985 Ford Thunderbird 30th Anniversary Edition like the blue one below?


I know a good bit about that platform: but we need to know if you have a Turbo Coupe or an Anniversary Edition with the 5.0. 




I would go easy on the modifications as some aftermarket parts are too hardcore for bumpy roads and sometimes I doubt the quality of some stuff.