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New Driver


I have a 1977 Camaro Coupe.  I'm currently running 215/60 R15's tires all the way around.  I'm wanting to stay with the same wheel/tire size on the front but am wanting to go with a wider rear tire to give it more of the classic hot rod look.  Can anyone tell me the widest wheel/tire size I can go with for the rear without any modifications to the fenders?  Just a little more info.  It has traction bars but I don't think it would matter?  Thanks a bunch!

Community Manager

Traction bars won't affect this, but if you are still running outboard shocks, you will need to relocate them inward to stuff the widest wheel, probably 10" wide is your max. There is SUPPOSEDLY a conversion kit to safely move the shocks on the other side of the leaf spring, but I can't find it for 2nd gen Camaros.  There are several kits for first gens. (shrug) I would not relocate the shocks as it's generally better to have them mounted closer to the end of the body (easier to control an axle with more leverage that way, same reason why you don't open a door from the area near the hinges). 


I would leave the shocks alone and fit an 8 or 9" wheel with a fat tire on it.  It will look mean enough, and your shocks will continue to work as the factory intended. 

New Driver

Thanks for the great info!  A friend told me I could run 255/60 15's on the rear with an 8" wheel without having to do any mods and without any spacers.  I imagine there has to be a definite offset though?

Community Manager

Your friend might be right.  Odds are an 8" wide wheel is fine, but 245s might fit better. Then again, Camaros look cool with a little sidewall bulge. And yes, you will need to check the offset of the wheels to make sure. Find the:

  1. factory wheel offset
  2. offset of the wheels you have now
  3. offset of the replacement wheels
  4. clearance between the wheels you have in #2 and the leaf spring

Assuming you don't have a crazy variation in wheels here, I am hoping you measure the space in #4 and have plenty of space cushion.  


I had a '79 Type LT back in high school. I was running 8" rallys with 255/60/15 rear tires. no clearance issues whatsoever. I also had the "slapper" bars. I actually wish I had that one back. Had the a 327 built to the 340 horse specs, muncie 4 speed, and the although it was a 10 bolt rear, did have a Detroit locker. It was a fun machine. Just be warned, they don't like to go much beyond 130 without thinking they have wings.