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Pit Crew

1949 Chevrolet Panel delivery truck,help

I have a 1949, 1/2 ton , Chevy Panel Delivery that I have had since 1980 and have built it up and drove it for around 200,000 miles. I see all kinds of Pickup parts, but not Panel truck.

 question;;  I am in need of Body Panels around the rear fenders, from behind the front doors back, does anyone know of a place where I can get these.   Thank You, Dennis,,,

Community Manager

That is a wonderful story, you definitely live the car enthusiast life and your passion shows!  

Pit Crew

 Thank You,, I do very much enjoy the old vehicles I have,  I still have my first 49 Chevy Pickup that I bought when I was 13, Back then I was able to find and buy NOS fenders for all 4 corners. The Pickups of that time were tight inside for a good sized man, but with the panel truck I was able to move the seat back and it has been a wonderful old piece, and it is time to give it some more attention,   this is the reason for the question of looking for parts.   Dennis M

Advanced Driver

If you haven’t already checked them,  you might try “Chevs of the 40’s” , “The Filling Station” or “Eklers”. 
Not necessarily for body panels but I’ve had good experiences with all three for various things on my ‘52. 
There’s also this site, but I don’t recall ever buying anything from them personally....



Pit Crew

Thank You, I have looked at these places and it is the same thing, no one seems to make a repair panel, I have seen partial pieces but nothing of size.
I know I am late, but thank You, Dennis M