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Gremlin Gas Tank

I need a fuel tank for a 1973 AMC Gremlin. Dose anyone out there have a usable one they want to sell.  Mine has the whole bottom rusted out. I would really like it if I could find one within driving distance of Cleveland Ohio but if not I would have it shipped.


Gas tanks that are no reproduced are becoming a real issue. Hang on to what you have and at worse a good shape may be able to restore and reline it. 

We just had to replace a tank in a Fiero and had to adapt a later model to it. we had to go to Alabama to find a clean one. 

Community Manager

I agree with @hyperv6 and would encourage you to show it to a few radiator repair shops in your area to see if they can weld any rust holes and get it back to new. 

New Driver

OK Thanks

Welding may not be an option as often many small pin hole happen when they clean the tank.  Still look for a Radiator shop as they are the most common place to find where they will reseal the tank. 


You can also get do it yourself kits. They are on Youtube so you can see if it is anything you want to tackle. 


Some shops will put a material inside and slosh it around till it dries. It will restore the tank to a solid sealed unit. I have also seen this and then they coat the our side too if it is that damaged.  We used this years ago to fix a 63 Riviera tank and it is still holding today. 


At worse you can make a weld a holder and install a fuel cell in the place of the tank as a last resort. 

Hagerty Employee

Well I didn't have much luck searching for on for you. I tried but came up empty. You may want to run a search yourself and fill out the request form, there may be a yard with a Gremlin in their inventory they have not listed on the interweb. Below are a number of excellent AMC Venders that I would reach out to and see if they have one our possibly can provide a lead. Good Luck.


American Performance – PH 321-632-8299 website:

Galvin’s AMC Rambler Parts – PH 209-365-6315 website:

AMC Rambler Restoration Parts – PH 516-935-5298 website:

AMC Store – PH 513-821-6200 website:

American Parts Depot – PH 937-678-7249 website:

XRV8 Race Parts – PH 830-992-1836 website:

AMX Connection - PH 818-344-4639

Borth Auto Parts – PH 920-946-3859 website: