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Intermediate Driver

Exotic car driving experience business

I want to give a nephew an experience I never had for his 18th birthday.  Drive a Ferrari or such like for a few laps.  Plus some good training on how to drive an exciting car.  Las Vegas has a couple interesting possibilities, but I would favor a mid-West or East location.  Any recommendations?

Community Manager

Odds are there's a road course not too far from you and an exotic car vendor willing to make this happen for you and your nephew.  The best way to find it is with a Google Near Me search, because that will find one closest to your location. BUT IF THAT FAILS, I would check with these folks: 


(I bet those folks will show up in the search I gave you above, but hey, that's probably not relevant here. 🙂


EXR (Exotics Racing) in Las Vegas is the safest, best-run, and most enjoyable experience available. The Xtreme Xperience people are very good at what they do and I've worked with them before but in a situation like this you really want the nicest cars and the safest track.