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71 skylark convertible

Hello I have a 71 skylark paint front to back I’m in deep need of all chorme and molds and trims 

Hagerty Fan
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Are you missing all of the original chrome trim pieces, or are they damaged? If they're simply in terrible shape, you'll be stuck with hitting up a company that can repair it.

If it's all gone, then you're going to be on a nationwide quest, hitting up wrecking yards in an attempt to piece it all together, or worse, it might not be a bad idea to simply buy another entire car with everything in place, such as a rusted-to-pieces '71 or '72 coupe. 

I strongly recommend this path anyway if you're going to be keeping this car, due to the fact that A-body Buicks didn't receive the same sort of aftermarket love that Chevelles and GTO's did, but even then, that sort of trim is still hard to find.

Or, depending on how badly you want to keep this car original, if you're not going for 100% originality, and the paint isn't already done, I'd simply go slightly custom and eliminate as much trim as possible, at least where it doesn't leave holes and empty creases where trim is supposed to go. 

Car-part dot com turned up nothing for a nationwide search...but most wrecking yard chains won't be dealing with ancient machinery like that (It's getting difficult to find cars from 15 years ago in there, much less 50).


Depending on which part of the world you are in, you might try All American Classics in Vancouver, Washington. I know of a few Buick-specific shops, but they're more engine goodies suppliers (TA Performance out of Phoenix, AZ, for example), and there's also V8Buick dot com (a Buick-specific message board).

Beyond that, unless someone here at Hagerty pulls a Buick Skylark-shaped rabbit out of their hat, I can recall attempting to source just a few trim pieces for a '70 GS many moons ago, and there wasn't a whole lot to be found, and that was after spending nearly two full business days on the phone, chasing down potential leads. 

Hagerty Employee

I have some parts vendors for you below I think you will find helpful, however, I would consider looking for a parts car or two you can purchase, grab the parts you need and then strip off what’s left and sell that off. I have had great success with this method. I get the parts I need and typically earn my money back on the cost to purchase the vehicle, in fact, I have even made a little profit. I also find I meet other enthusiasts for the model I am working on and potentially other sources for parts.


Buick Venders:

GM  Sports PH 209-462-4300 website:  Stockton, CA

Classic NOS website:

Bob’s Automobilia PH 805-434-2963 website: Templeton, CA

Fusick’s Automotive Products PH 860-623-1589 website: East Windsor, CT

Billions & Trillions of Parts PH 918-291-1966 website: Tulsa, OK

Old Buick Parts PH 908-369-3666 website:

Buick Farm PH 302-698-7701 website: Clayton, DE